Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall break!

Hey y'all!
I hope y'all are having wonderful weeks so far. I am going back home tomorrow for fall break! I cannot wait! I have had quite the few days, full of tests and lots of assignments. Yesterday I had a physics test (icky!) and it didn't go as well as I would have like it too, so hopefully I did okay. Then today I had a day full of dorm chores and homework. Tomorrow I have a big religion test and then I fly home! I really cannot wait. It will be nice to be back in my house and in my own big room. I am all packed, I filled my Vera duffle to the brim with all my summer clothes. As you know, dorm closets are so teeny! My closet was filled to capacity so by bringing some of my summer clothes home (summer dresses, Lilly shifts) back I should get a little more room. I am so anxious to go shopping when I am home too! And to a Target! Oh how I miss my Target sprees with my mom! There are only Wal-Marts nearby so I haven't had any Target trips in awhile! I need to bring all of my corduroys back and my warmer cardigans. I will spend the majority of the time home with my parents and will get to see one of my best friends, so that's exciting. My friend and I are all set to go Halloween shopping. What are y'all being for Halloween? I was thinking about being a cat one of the weekends and then Pebbles! I will let you know which I decide and what my costume looks like!
Happy almost Wednesday!
xx, M


  1. Enjoy every minute of your time off! It sounds like it will be well deserved!

  2. Yay! Ours is next week and I am SO excited for a mini vacation! Have a great time at home!!