Friday, July 24, 2009

So long,farewell!

Hi girls!
I'm off tomorrow for sunny Scottsdale,Arizona! I plan on wearing a fairly simple outfit on the plane, my navy J.Crew crew neck,white and navy argyle cardigan my most comfortable Gap jeans and my gold Jack Rodgers. And of coarse my white bow! I made sure to pack all of my bows and headbands. I have a weird quirk about always have earrings on and a bow in my hair! My mom used to always put me in a bow that matched my outfit so I do the same now all of these years later. I am all packed and ready to go other then my make-up and last minute things. I tried to pack somewhat light: five pairs of shorts, one pair of my peach pink J.Crew cafe capris,my favorite Laura Ashley nightgown,crew necks,polos,my new VV skirt (can't wait to wear it!),and my two Lilly dresses. And of coarse my swimsuits,a definite must in sunny AZ! I decided to only bring three since I usually wear my favorite Lilly one when I'm sunning. I'm so terribly excited to get out of this dreary weather and into the warm, AZ sun! It is almost 115 there, so I will be sure to be nice and toasty!

I hope to catch up on my beach reads and sit by the pool and relax! I am about half way through Gossip of the Starlings and about to read Mating Rituals of the North American WASP. Have y'all ever read it? I was attracted by it's darling pink and green cover!

I am going to try my hardest to resist from checking my email and going on the computer so I am saying farewell for now! I wish you all lovely weeks and will make sure to take lots of pictures!

PS: BLC, I got the Lilly juice at Dominicks :)!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Manicure Wednesday

Hi everyone!
I hope y'all had nice a Wednesday. I was supposed to work today, but once again the weather was too chilly and the pool closed early. Since I had the day off, my mom and I decided it would be the perfect day to get our manicures and pedicures before vacation. I am a total pink girl so I usually go with a light,nude pink on my nails and a darker color on my toes.

In honor of my visit to the nail salon today I thought I would share a few of my favorite polish colors with y'all...

A-dore-aball: Essie

Mademoiselle: Essie

Castaway: Essie

My Chihuahua Bites: OPI (A new favorite thanks to Summer Wind!!)

Lincoln After Dark: OPI (The perfect fall pedicure color)

Big Apple Red: OPI (The best red!)

Have a great night!
xoxo, M

PS: I bought the Lilly juice today! I was so excited, I spotted it right away!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Parties,friends, and vacation

Hey everyone!
I had quite the weekend. Two of my bf's had their graduation parties so it was a very quick and hectic weekend. I had a great time at both of the parties and enjoyed seeing classmates I had not seen in a long time. By the end of the weekend, though, I was pooped!

I had today and yesterday off of work which has been very nice. I worked on Sunday and it was terribly boring! This bad Chicago weather has caused the pool not to be very crowded leaving me bored and ready for sunshine! Today it was a little nicer, some sun, so my mom and I went to the pool which was nice.

I am reading Gossip of the Starlings and I definitely recommend it! It is a really good read! It's the story of two prep school girls and their adventures and misadventures through their crazy lives. The book is a total page turner! Y'all should definitely pick a copy up!

On another note, I leave for vacation in four days! I cannot wait! I am so anxious to get out of town and have a whole week of relaxation. My mom and I have yet to get our manicures but we are scheduled to go on Friday. Any polish suggestions? I usually go with A-Dore-Able, a fantastic, paler Essie color but I was thinking about maybe going for a different color. I usually go with a paler manicure color and a nice peachy color for my toes.

Oh and I got my Ray-Bans! They are lovely and a great purchase.

I'm off for Italian ice with my girlfriends!
Have a great evening,
xoxo M

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Handsome boys and Harry Potter

Hello everyone!

I hope y'all are having a nice week. Sorry about my slowness with posting, I have been pretty busy.

Yesterday, I had my court date for that accident I had gotten into a few weeks ago. I channelled my inner Elle Woods and found the perfect courthouse appropriate outfit. I wore my darling new VV skirt, a white sweater set, my pearls, and my patent Tory Burch's. The court date was successful ( I did not have to say a word!) and I got my license back within ten minutes. It was kind of silly to go all the way there, but it ended happily. My parents and I then lunched at Maggiano's to celebrate afterward, which was delicious. My mom and I shopped around for a bit and then headed home.

After giving myself an impromptu manicure and pedicure, I took a quick power nap and got ready for the big night ahead... seeing Harry Potter!! I myself, am not a huge huge fan but do really enjoy all of the movies. I have seen them all but never read any of the books. My girlfriends are all Harry crazed too, so we went to the midnight showing. The movie was absolutely wonderful! Y'all should go see it! It was really good, and I'm saying that from someone who never has read the books and gets easily confused in movies. We went to the biggest movie theater in town and it took us 45 minutes (!!!) to get out of the parking lot. It was a driving nightmare. I was happy to finally get home to my bed at nearly 4AM. Thank goodness I didn't have to work today!

Then today, I went out to lunch with my mom and to the bookstore. I just finished Chasing Harry Winston, quite a good beach read, and was looking for another good read. Collegiate C had suggested a book called Gossip of the Starlings, you may have seen it in People, so I picked that up. On my way to the check-out, I saw the most handsome boy! Y'all may have just died! He had a comb-over, a navy RL polo, tan chino shorts, and Topsiders on! He was quite possibly the best dressed boy I have seen all summer! It was by far, the highlight of my day!!

Here are a few pictures from our Harry adventure....

Collegiate C and I!

Collegiate C,Devvy and I in our homemade "I love Ron" t-shirts!

Have a lovely Thursday,
xoxo M

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I have my eye on you...

Hello girls,
Hope everyone had a lovely weekend. I had a nice weekend, worked both today and yesterday and lounged around the house. I sunned yesterday before work and read, which was lovely since it was finally a good sun day. While laying out, I had a sudden epiphany. I needed to start stocking up on a few items before I go on vacation. I do shop quite a bit while I am in Scottsdale, but there are a few things I have my eye on getting before we depart. Do y'all ever have those sudden shopping lusts? Oh I do all of the time! My mom just kicks me for my love of all things shopping. I could shop for hours! I think the item I am looking forward to looking for in AZ the most are Lilly dresses. One of the Marshall's has an entire Lilly and Vineyard Vines section! My money could be lost in one swoop in that section! I am also looking for some sort of tote to bring to class in the fall. What would you college girls suggest? I have a darling Vera messenger but that isn't too terribly big. We will have to see what I spot while on vacation.
Here are a few of the items I have my eye on...

I have the smaller version of this bag in pink and just love it. I think maybe I could use the bigger style? It's such a good,durable bag.

These J.Crew shorts are my absolute favorite. I have them in a dark bone color and wear them often. They fit seamlessly and are very comfortable. I would recommend them to anyone who hasn't yet found the perfect pair of shorts.

Oh how I love these Ray-Ban's! My current sunglasses have gotten really stretched out from me wearing them on my head so often. These are cute and very All-American. I think this is my top lust item. So practical for all seasons!

My Jack Rodger's are definitely my most worn summer item. I wear them ALL of the time and always get numerous compliments on them. If you can believe it, my town hasn't got Jack Rodger fever yet. Very few people actually know what I mean when I talk about my JR's! Since not many Illinoisans know about Jack Rodgers it is very hard to find them. The one store that sells them in town only has one color so they are of no help. I may try to pick up another pair in AZ, that is where I got them before. Or I could just order them online before hand? I will have to propose that plan to my mother.
That is all for now for my item lust!

Have a lovely Sunday evening,
xoxo M

Friday, July 10, 2009

Music to my ears

One of the best things about summer is going on vacation. In a few weeks, I will be departing for my favorite place in the world, Scottsdale. I have been vacationing there two times a year since I was a little girl. It is my absolute favorite place in the world. It is so very relaxing and resting. When on vacation I sun, read, and listen to music. I have started to compile my perfect "summering" playlist so I thought I would share it with y'all!

Melissa Elizabeth's Summering Picks
Summer Wind: Frank Sinatra

The World on a String: Frank Sinatra

A-Punk: Vampire Weekend

M-79: Vampire Weekend ( A favorite of mine!)

Mansard Roof: Vampire Weekend

Teenage Love: Neko Case

Knocked Up: Kings of Leon

You Found Me: The Fray

Don't Stop Believing: Journey

I 've Gotta Feeling: Black Eyed Peas

Boom Boom Pow: Black Eyed Peas (My friends and I love this song!)

Gravity: John Mayer

Textbook Love: Fleet Foxes

Meadowlark: Fleet Foxes

Come on feel the Illinoise: Sufjan Stevens (Kate Spade's favorite)

Sunshowers: MIA

Jesus Etc: Wilco

Everlasting Everything: Wilco

Rock Your Body: Micheal Jackson

Billie Jean: Micheal Jackson

Sexyback: Justin Timberlake

Senorita: Justin Timberlake

Halo: Beyonce

Deja Vu: Beyonce

Summertime Clothes: Animal Collective

Hometown Glory: Adele

Daydreamer: Adele

If You Seem Amy (quite the play on words!!): Britney Spears

Beautiful Liar: Beyonce and Shakira

Fever: Micheal Buble

Moondance: Micheal Buble

California: Rufus Wainwright

Live High: Jason Mraz

If It Kills Me: Jason Mraz

Love for a child: Jason Mraz

Oxford Comma: Vampire Weekend

Have an absolutely lovely evening,

xoxo M

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy busy busy

Oh goodness girls, sorry I have been so out of the loop these past days. I have been busy working and running around town.
Since I am going to be a freshmen at Dayton in the fall, I am busy preparing. I am getting quite anxious! I recently found out who my roommate was and she seems to be perfect. She is from Ohio and seems really nice. And guess what? She loves PINK AND GREEN and her favorite place to shop is J.Crew! It is a match made in roommate heaven! I am so relieved that I seemed to have gotten a really good roomie. We have decided on a pink and green color scheme so I'm sure our room will look quite darling and preppy. Have y'all had good roommates and college experiences?
Have a lovely night,
xoxo M

PS: I will be back with a longer post tomorrow, promise!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Home sweet home

Hello hello!
I had a just glorious fourth of July weekend. The town fireworks were very good and I enjoyed seeing classmates I hadn't seen all summer long. We left gloomy Chicago around 9 on Saturday and arrived safely to the lake by noon.The weather wasn't too good when we first arrived, rainy and chilly,so my girlfriends and I decided to go to lunch at the clubhouse. It was a real simple place and we got the best surprise in the world... free ice cream! It was quite a treat! After lunch, we headed back and played Apples to Apples. Have y'all ever played? It is such a fun game. The sun finally came out around 3, so we were able to go tubing. The lake was SO terribly chilly but I was brave and jumped right in. The tubing was very fun but quite tiring. Later on we went and saw the fireworks at the dock. It was a beautiful show and a great ending to the day. On Sunday, we layed out in the sun and read. I am currently reading Chasing Harry Winston, quite the juicy beach read. Just as I got fully enthralled in a juicy part I felt a piercing sting on my hand. Guess what? I got stung by a big,fat bumble bee!! It really hurt! After the bee bite,we decided to go to the beach and cool off a little. We arrived at the beach and were able to sun and talk. We left the lake soon afterwards and stopped at Dairy Queen on the way home. It was as usual, delicious. I had a chocolate shake, which was absolutely yummy. The drive home was fine, full of laughs and food. We all arrived back to town, tired and giggled out. It was overall a lovely weekend full of laughing, singing, and relaxation. Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend as well!
The beautiful night view of the lake.

My friends and I in our matching nood-dees (no hooded sweatshirts). We love them!

Collegiate C and I on the boat before the firework show.
Have a lovely evening,
xoxo M

Friday, July 3, 2009

Away we go!

My girlfriends and I are going to C's lake house this weekend. I am super excited! Hopefully we will have nice weather and be able to go tubing and enjoy the outdoors. In my town there is a huge firework show at the local high school, so that's where we will be tonight and then we're leaving bright and early tomorrow for the lake. I have packed my darling new gingham swimsuit and some simple polos and my favorite J.Crew chino shorts. I hope all of the junebugs stay far away from me... I hate those icky things! I will back to y'all with pictures in a few days!

Have an absolutely lovely holiday and a great fourth!
xoxo, M

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A new award!

Oh my goodness, girls! I got another blog award! I am so excited! Thank you so much Summer Wind. I was gifted with the Kreativ Blogger Award! It's a total honor! I am supposed to tell y'all seven things I love..

So here it goes..

Bad reality television ( I still DVR The Real World!)
Vera Bradley
My family and my close relationship with my mother.
My best friends
Arizona, it's my favorite place in the world!
Frank Sinatra
Charlotte York from SATC ( We are verrrry similar!)

Okay I am going to pass this on to....

Have a great evening!

xoxo, M