Tuesday, June 30, 2009

What a catch!

On a whim yesterday, my mom and I decided to stop at TJ Maxx. My mom got a really cute Limited black shift dress and I got a tennis skirt and really darling stationary. While scanning the clearance section I found an absolutely lovely Vineyard Vines skort!
Can you believe TJ Maxx had VV? I was so amazed when I saw it there. It was truly lucky to come across such a darling and inexpensive skirt. It was ..$13!! It was the only one in the store and I was so terribly happy I snatched it. It would look perfect with my Ralph Lauren white polo and a cute cardigan. The skirt will also be perfect to wear to class and into the fall with brown tights. It was quite a shopping trip and I knew y'all would enjoy hearing about my new preppy purchase!
Have a fantastic Wednesday!
xoxo, M

Monday, June 29, 2009

Party re-cap

In my Ann Taylor dress and Lilly sweater!
I had a perfect summer weekend. My graduation party was on Sunday which made things quite busy. Oh yes, did I mention it was a pink and green theme?
Everyone wore their best pink and green attire and looked great. It was so fantastic to see a whole pool of pink and green attendees. I myself wore the pink Ann Taylor Loft dress, which worked out perfectly since it was quite warm outside. I was a little nervous for the party since there were quite a lot of people coming over (around 35) but it all worked out wonderfully. Everyone seemed to have a nice time. I mingled with most of the party guests and really enjoyed myself. It was great to see people I hadn't seen in a while and just sit back and enjoy the party. We had an absolutely DIVINE chocolate tiered cake, y'all would have just loved! It even had pink and green frosting and was just delicious! My mom worked long and hard to decorate our entire house in pink and green which also looked quite cute. Overall, it was a wonderful night and a very successful party!

My best girlfriends and I in our pink and green!

The gorgeous pearl set my aunt gave me!
Have a wonderful evening!
xoxo, M

A very special award!

Oh my goodness, I am so excited to get my first blog award from Headbands and Handbags! Thank you so very much! I received the "lovely blog award" which is quite special. Thank you for the honor! Now I am going to pass this onto five wonderful blogs....

Summer Wind (My first follower!!)

Y'all can now pass it onto five other bloggers!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Calling all Vineyard Vines lovers!

Oh girls, guess what?? Vineyard Vines is having a giant sale! There are a lot of really cute sundresses, skirts, and items for summer for quite cheap. Some items are marked down as much as 40%! Stop by and shop away!! Here is a link to the sale.. http://www.vineyardvines.com/index.cfm Enjoy!

Here are a few of my favorites....

A perfect belt for summer.

One of the best parts of the sale these darling seersucker shorts!

So so cute!
A darling green and salmon skirt.
Such a fun print..

Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

A few of my favorite.... magazines!

Yesterday while at the drugstore I got a perfect idea for a post.. a post all about one of my favorite pastimes, reading magazines! I love reading in general, but reading magazines is something I always enjoy doing when I need to relax and not think. I must admit that I am a total sucker for juicy celebrity gossip. I subscribe to and look forward to reading it every week. US Weekly seems to be the best.. well if there is a best, for Hollywood gossip. I also really enjoy Elle and Vogue. The September issues are by far the best but I love spending a night in just devouring them for hours and hours and dreaming about owning some of the fabolous frocks. When on vacation I love to read InStyle. I think it is one of the only fashion magazines that is perfect for everyone. It can be read by someone like us, a busy mom, or even a grandmother. It is not too fashion-ey and has a lot of really good finds and hints. I also really like Lucky. It has some really darling finds and always has some really good deals on the last few pages. And last but not least, Glamour. I think this actually must be my favorite. It is always has really cute editorials. I am anxious when my montly Glamour arrives and I can sit and read it cover to cover. They have the perfect amount of celeb news, fashion, and real life stories.
What magazines do y'all like to read?

Ps: I am currently on my new laptop and loving it!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

College Belle as of late...

 Hey girls,
   So sorry I haven't posted in a few days my computer has been acting up. The screen is constantly turning on and off which is quite a nuisance and makes going on the computer a hassle. Anyone know why this could be happening? I assume I need to get a new monitor. I am currently on our other computer which will be my key to the blogging world just for now. 
   The past few days have been quite nice. On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day at my aunt's house with my family which was very nice. My mother and I went to the wonderful woman's house who is monogramming my towels and sheets. She has a lot of experience with monogramming and seems to know just how to do it. I think she is one of the only adults I know that loves monogramming as much as I do! I will definitely post all of the items for y'all to see! 
    Today my mom and I went to Old Orchard, an outdoor mall, which was as shopping always is, lovely. I was in need of a few new undies and bras so we went to Victoria Secret which is usually a little too much for me but had a ton of the simple bras for only $20! I got four of them for really cheap which was a good deal. We then headed to J.Crew for a few things and of coarse ended up with a little more. They were having a pretty good sale and had all of their polos for only $14.99! I bought two of those, a few simple crewnecks (always a good thing to stock up on) and a pair of chinos for under $100! We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory which was yummy. The reason for our shopping trip was to buy a pink ogreen dress for my pink and green themed graduation party on Sunday. I was planning on ordering a Lilly but by the time I picked the one I wanted I realized it would not be here in time. J.Crew only had a few dresses but were all too beachy. We looked at Bloomie's only to see that they carried the Jubilee collection which was a little out of our budget. My mom is a huge fan of Ann Taylor so we peaked in and guess what.. found the perfect dress! It is a fuchsia pink with a cute eyelet pattern and is just darling. That too was on sale! Ann Taylor Loft also had these darling shorts that were very Lilly like. I also spotted a pink and green Dooney and Burke bag that I thought was surprisingly quite cute.  It was a good shopping day for sure!
                                          Here are a few pictures from the day
Aren't they very Lilly? And only $40!

Dooney&Burke has officially gone preppy! 
Isn't it just adorable? It will be just perfect for my party!
                                                     Have a lovely night!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bow ties,boat shoes and boys

Hello hello!
I hope you each had a wonderful Saturday. It was beautiful here today, nice and warm. There is one item that I think no boy should live without- a bow tie. In my opinion, a boy who can wear and pull off a bow tie is quite a dreamboat. There is something very catching about someone who has that subtle yet unique preppy style. I love love love when boys add anything preppy to their wardrobes like boat shoes or a classic RL oxford but I must say bow ties are my favorite. They leave me swooning every time! The boys at my high school definitely lack in the area of style. Many of them live in sweat pants.. which I will never understand or just wear boring sweatshirts and jeans. If only they could understand how much better they will feel if they added a little something to their outfits. I think people in college dress a lot better. Actually I know that. When I visited Dayton, I saw a ton of boys sporting boat shoes and oxfords. A definite plus in my book! Here are a few of my favorite bow ties for those special boys in our lives..

A simple,nautical print from Vineyard Vines.

The witty whale print is always a good look.

Bowties+Lilly? What could be better!?

A fruity and fun print from Southern Proper.

Have a wonderful Father's Day :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain,rain go away!

I had quite the day today. While driving to work in a absolutely terrible thunderstorm I had car trouble. It was quite scary and not a very good start to my day. I am still a little shaken about it but at least it finally stopped raining (it had been raining for 12 hours!) and I am okay.
On a way happier note, I stopped by the Lilly website last night and found some adorable things. The prints this season are just lovely! I also browsed the Tory Burch website and found some really cute things too. Can you say graduation money!? I think I'm going to pick one special thing and spend some of the money I get on that item. Which do you like the best?

So cute and can be both dressed up or down.

Isn't it just divine? I just love the pink and green floral pattern.

Cute and modest.

So perfect for summer and spring!

The must-have tote for class?

Happy weekend,
PS: If you are in need of new TB Revas they have an older version of the patent leather ones on sale!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


A few of my favorite blogs have gone private! How do you get an invite to the private blogs? If you are reading this and your blog is private I would love to be invited, I miss reading your wonderful blogs!
Lulu in Lilly
The Prepbulican

Goodnight girls :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kate Spade sample sale!

Girls, guess what??

Kate Spade is currently having her annual Sample Sale. There are a ton of really cute things for quite cheap. Now I just need to get paid and I will be in real luck! Here's the link.. happy shopping!! http://www.katespade.com/category/index.jsp?categoryId=2130331

Summer television

I have completely been sucked into bad summer television. Since the weather was terribly cool the pool that I work at was closed so I was home the whole week. I spent my days watching a ton of bad television and watching a few of my really old DVD's. I had a huge phase of Jessica Simpson and absolutely loved her so I watched a whole season of the Newlyweds which made me love her again. I think she is really cute and very normal. I then watched The Breakfast Club which I fell in love with again. There is something very very real about that movie and is quite true to how high school can be and is for many people. The movie was actually filmed at a high school in my town!
Then last night I hate to say I TIVOed the Real Housewives of New Jersey. It's so terribly enticing and always on television so I watched the finale where the one housewife blows up and nearly throws a table across the room. It was quite eventful. The one summer show I will never turn my back on is So You Think You Can Dance. It's soo good and full of really talented dancers. My friends and I watch it together every week and even went to the concert this past fall. My newest show is NYC Prep which seems like it will be pretty good. I myself am a huge Gossip Girl fan and love everything Blair Waldorf and Upper East Side. The kids (well I'm not sure if they are considered kids they are soo adult like!) the.. youngsters seem to be very similar to the GG characters. The blonde girl who seems to have a crush on PC reminds of Serena and PC tries to be like Chuck Bass. I think he seems like a bit of a tool but maybe he will redeem himself. Oh goodness, the joys of no school and bad tv!

They were so cute, I still wish they hadn't broken up!

Such a classic!

A real guilty pleasure.

They even posed them like Gossip Girl!

Hope y'all had a nice day :),

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A day of shopping

Hello hello!
As I posted yesterday my mom and I were going on a shopping adventure today. We were on the search for the perfect quilt and other dorm necessities. It's never too early to start looking especially since stuff was already a bit picked over. We hit a definite pink and green jackpot! I found a DARLING sorbet pink polka-dot quilt at TJ Maxx and an adorable pink and green polka-dot pillow to match. The quilt is exactly what I was looking for and even is reversible with a cute seersucker print on one side. I also got some really cute Vera like thank you cards, since you can never have too many of those. They'll be perfect for my thank yous after my graduation party. We then moved on to Lohmann's to check out their Lilly dresses which was a complete and utter disappointment. They had absolutely NO Lilly anywhere. Last time I went there they had a whole heavenly section of Lilly shifts but not today. And guess what they replaced it with? Dolce and Gabbana (ickky!) ! Absolutely awful switch on their part! We then went to Home Goods and got some really cute purple polka-dot towels, a cute pink and green striped trash can,and my light green sheets. And we found an adorable Vineyard Vines like towel at the bottom of a towel bin, which was quite exciting.
Since I am a huge fan of everything monogrammed it is no surprise that I wanted a few things monogrammed for college. My mom has a friend who has a secret obsession with monogramming as well and offered to do all of my monogramming for absolutely no charge! How absolutely wonderful,right? I'm soo excited! I'm going to have her do the towels, my pillow cases, and a few cardigans. Tomorrow we're bringing it to her so I will definitely let y'all know how everything turns out. Here are a few of my finds....

Very Vineyard Vines like and perfect for the beach!

My new quilt! It's lovely, isnt it?

The matching pillow and garbage can!

Have a wonderful night and a lovely Wednesday :)

Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend fun

Hello girls!
It was my first official summer weekend and it was wonderful. I cleaned my closet and took out all of my winter and fall clothes which was well needed. I ended up finding a lot of cute things I had forgotten about which is always nice. It's a good job done before I leave for college even though it seemed to take what seemed like forever. My friends and I went to see The Hangover on Saturday, which was suprisingly HILARIOUS! Really, you all should see it. I thought it would be silly but it wasn't and was quite funny. Before we went to the movies we stopped at Micheal's (I love that place) and picked up some new ribbon. They had a dollar bin full of perfect preppy prints for only one dollar, so they were a total steal. Then yesterday my bestie, Cel, had her graduation party which was very fun. My friend, Kel, gifted us each with lovely braclets that each have "The Elles"(my friends and I call each other that) engraved on them. It was quite a special night. I worked today and tomorrow my mother and I are starting my dorm room shopping which I am very excited for. I never really thought about how much new stuff I would need to get before I leave for college. It's exciting and an excuse to go shopping!
Here are a few pictures from the weekend! Hope you had a great weekend as well!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Kate the great!

I have always been a huge fan of Kate Spade. I think she is an absolutely wonderful and have read all of her books. She has a very simple yet adorable style and I always fall in love with something on her website.Tonight I was looking on katespade.com and fell in love once again! There were a ton of really cute party dresses and a lovely pink handbag.
Here are a few of my favorites....

Aren't they all just darling?

College Prep giveaway!

College Prepster is hosting a mini-giveaway to celebrate the summer! What's better way to do that than post favorite beach pictures?
Here's my favorite beach picture:

My friends and I at the beach last summer :). We took this picture at least five times and finally found this perfect one. It reminds me of that wonderful summer and my great friends.

What to do?

Hey girls!
I have quite a dilemma. My favorite pair of my Tory Burch flats, my patent leather ones, have become terribly worn. I got them only about a year ago and have worn them a ton but didn't expect them to get this worn in. They inside part has started to come up which makes them a bit uncomfortable to wear. Although I have completely switched to wearing my Jack Rodgers it's still nice to have the opportunity to wear my Tory's. Hopefully I can get them fixed! I'm not sure if maybe I should just superglue it in or bring it into the shoe repair man? What do y'all think? Did the same thing happen to your beloved Reva's?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

A few fun facts

I am an only child and very close with my family.

I love Lilly Pulitzer and Kate Spade.

I am an expert cupcake baker.

I love anything and everything pink and green.

I have an obsession with shoes.. especially Tory Burch reva flats and Jack Rodgers.

I love love love Dr. Pepper.

I was born in Dallas and lived there when I was little.

My goal is to be an English teacher and live in the South when I graduate college.

I love reading blogs!

I love TJ Maxx and Target, you can always find such wonderful treasures!

I wear a bow in my hair practically everyday and always am wearing a cardigan.

I am excited to get to know you all! Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blisters and prom bliss

High school is officially almost over! I had prom this last weekend. It was really really fun. My girlfriends and I went to the dance together as a group and danced our hearts out. We went to a school sponsered event after which I wasn't at first to keen about what ended up being quite fun. I didn't get home until 730 AM the next morning, so I was pooped. My feet were killing me half way through the night and I am the happy owner of not one but five blisters. The pain we go through for beauty! My jewerly did not hold up well either. It was all vintage, and as expected did not withstand the whole entire night which was a bit of a let down. My dress worked wonderfully and I got many compliments on it. Tomorrow is graduation, the day I have been waiting for for ages, and I can't believe it. High school will officially be over in 24 hours! Crazy! I will be wearing a new Lilly dress to ring in the night. I'll make sure to post more pictures!