Saturday, October 24, 2009

Thank goodness it's the weekend!

Hey y'all!
So sorry I haven't been around much! I have been absolutely swamped with homework, midterms, and papers. It is definitely a lot! I think I am now really realizing just how different college really is. I had a few super stressed out days but am definitely feeling better now. It's so nice that it is the weekend! Last night my roommmate and I just stayed in, ordered in food, and had a Gerard Butler marathon. It was nice and super relaxing. I am really trying to have "me time" everyday from now on. I think I was focusing too much on homework instead of looking at the big picture and allowing myself to just chill out. Today I just worked on some homework and have been catching up on all of my television shows. I watched Glee, Real Housewives of ATL (My guilty pleasure!), The Office, and The City! It's been a good Saturday so far! We are going on a Wal-Mart run later and to dinner. Can you believe I am so excited to go to Wal-Mart? Then out tonight! And next weekend is Halloween,I'm so excited! I am being cat! What are y'all being for H-Ween?
Have a wonderful weekend!
xxxx, M

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