Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hey y'all!
I hope you are having lovely Wednesdays so far. It is officially fall here in Ohio! It is quite chilly out, only 50! I am so glad I have my North Face and my new rain coat to keep me nice and toasty. The start of fall has seemed to catch everyone here by surprise since just last week we were all wearing shorts and sandals! It sure is a crazy weather pattern. I got two new pairs of jeans this weekend, so I am all set with my pants. I cannot wait to get all of my favorite J.Crew corduroys when I go home for fall break (in just one week!) and all of my favorite heavier cardigans. I basically live in cardigans, dark jeans\corduroys and Tory Burch flats or Topsiders during the fall. Oh and I have a new way to style my Topsiders! I simply pair them with a pair of colored footie\socks. It looks really cute and keeps your feet a little warmer. The socks must obviously go with the rest of your outfit, I usually wear pink or navy ones, and they really make your outfit.

I am definitely lusting after the new navy,suede Revas. They are so darn cute! For anyone who is yet to own pair, you are missing out! They are quite comfortable and add a little something to your outfits on those days where you need a little something. The price tag is a little pricey, but I am telling you they are well worth it. Try looking on the TB website too, I found my suede pair last year on sale for only $115. And of coarse constantly check your local Nordstrom or department store. My only complaint was that they were not super comfy in the beginning, but like any other pair of flats, they get broken in quickly. They really are a fantastic buy.

Happy last day of September!
xx, M

PS: I missed Gossip Girl this week (awful, I know)! How was it?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Rain rain go away!

Hi everyone!
Just a quick post today in between classes (I have 4 today :/). It is super dreary here, cool and raining. Absolutely yucky. Yesterday it started to pour just as I started to walk down to class. It was awful! But today since it is raining again I was thinking about pulling out my bean boots! It seems like a good opportunity to sport them. I just hope they aren't uncomfortable since I haven't worn them at all yet. Were they comfortable for you the first time you wore them? And I forgot the worst part of the day, my umbrella broke just as I was going downstairs! My mom must have accidentally packed the faulty umbrella that did not open! So I had to run back upstairs and thankfully my roomie let me borrow hers! It was just quite a day. Since I do not have a working umbrella I will have to pick one up.

Here are a few of my top choices that are both preppy and practical..

A lovely Vera..

A darling pink and green option

Even umbrellas can be monogrammed!

And to make things even better, this weekend is parent's weekend! I cannot wait to see my parents! I haven't seem them since August so it will be so wonderful to be with them. We plan on doing a lot of shopping and definitely going to Wal-Mart! (I'm sure you're jealous on that one). I am in desperate need of groceries and new clothes. I will try to post on Sunday to let y'all know about the weekend!

Happy Friday!
xxx M

Saturday, September 19, 2009

College student must-haves (University of Dayton edition!)

Hey y'all!
Happy Saturday! I am so happy it is finally the weekend! I stayed in last night and just relaxed after a very busy and tiring week. My roommate and my friend Emma and I watched Final Destination 3 and just as one of the characters was about to be killed, the fire alarm went off! It was so scary! I instantly jumped up and was so frightened! Scary movies are not my thing that's for sure. Today I don't have too much going on, I am going to work on my Religion readings and go work out. Then tonight we are going out! Yay!

So back to the post. Since I live on top of a mighty hill and spend a lot of my time walking to class, I play a game along the way. I call it the trend game. I pick a trend (think LL Bean totes) and count how many I see along the way. In high school, I would play it with my friends all of the time and we would count the UGGs, which were literally everywhere! So I thought that I would share with you some of the big trends I have seen\counted on campus..
We'll start off with our collegiate store of choice, J.Crew...

The perfect, summer cardigan that looks great with everything.

Critter flip flops, a college student's most comfortable shoe option!

The perfect option for those hot days when you want to look cute and comfortable.

On to the collegiate carryalls..

The ever stylish Vineyard Vines tote!

Longchamp in navy, pink, or black.

The classic LL Bean backpack (which has worked great so far!)


Jack Rodgers

Vineyard Vine flip flops

Sperry Topsiders, a favorite of both boys and girls around campus.

Vera Bradley, a must-have!

Enjoy your day!
xx, M

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Schools supplies gone prepster

Hey y'all!
I hope you are all having nice weeks. Very busy week for me, cannot wait for the weekend! Wednesday's are my favorite day of the week though because it is the day where I go and tutor inner city kids. It is such a great and fulfilling thing and I absolutely love all of the kids. They are just the cutest! One of them, Ebony, told me that I was a "beautiful diva." Some days you just need those special pick me ups and hugs from kids!

I thought it would be fun to show y'all how I had a little prep to all of my school supplies. Collegiate C and I started doing this last year and we always get compliments on our cute binders. Since most binders look the same and are quite plain we sproose them up with a darling background graphic.

A few simples steps...

First you simply pick the picture of your choice (a favorite Lilly print, Vineyard Vines whale, Edward Cullen, Vogue cover etc)
Then print it out, and slip it behind the clear cover.
In those three steps you are done! Not only does it look darling but it helps you to distinguish between binders.

Have a great day!
xx, M

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Can you say love?

Kate did it again! Her fall collection is perfect!

Hope the little Kate preview brightened your day!
xx, M

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A peak inside my make-up bag!

Good morning girls!

I hope you all have lovely Friday's! I thought I would do a post about my go to make-up items. I love love make-up and getting ready at night so I thought I could take y'all along with me on my make up regimen.

During the week, I stick with the basics when it comes to make-up. I usually wear my favorite MAC spot cover up which fixes those blemishes and small spots. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who does not want to use a full foundation that you have to put all over. Then I move onto my CoverGirl tanfastic bronzer. I put that all over my face exactly where the sun would hit. I then move onto my Sonia Kashuk beautifying blush which I absolutely love! I am a big blush person and this one is by far my favorite. I wear it in a rosy pink which seems to work well with my complexion. The last step is my mascara. I am a huge mascara fan and love the look of really long eyelashes. I used to stick with the pink and green Maybelline mascara but I have moved onto the Maybelline Pulse Perfection. It is the vibrating kind and really does make your lashes look longer. I would recommend it to anyone who isn't positive they like the vibration and doesn't want to buy the Dior or Lancome mascaras. I finish with my Bonnie Bell (Yes, I'm still a fan at 18!) Dr. Pepper lip balm. It gives me a hint of color without being too much for class. I finish off with a little of my Lilly perfume and I am set for the day! At night I use MAC make-up remover wipes which work really well. I have tried countless other brands and no other brand seems to work as well as the MAC wipes. They take off eye make-up easily and do not leave your face feeling greasy afterwards.Hope you enjoyed the peak inside my make-up bag!

Have a great Saturday and long weekend!
xx, M

Thursday, September 3, 2009

A look inside of my dorm!

Hi girls!

I finally found time today to blog! My next class is not for a few hours, so I have time to catch up with y'all. So sorry for the long blogging hiatus!

Last week was the first week of classes and a total whirlwind. Most of my teachers seem nice and the homework hasn't been too terribly overwhelming so far. It is so much reading though, none of which is very interesting! How did you college girls get through all of it? Any suggestions?

I really like college so far! It is definitely a lot different then high school but in a good way. Everyone here is so very polite and all of the boys are very nice. I have spotted a ton of boys wearing Topsiders and many pairs of the J.Crew critter flip flops and Vineyard Vines flip flops. Lots of cute outfits too. And guess what? I found another Lilly lover! The girl across the hall loves Lilly too! So we of coarse bonded instantly. I also found another girl who likes VV! Clothes is an instant bond in my book.

So without further a do here is what my dorm room looks like...I'm sure y'all just cannot wait to see it!

Here is my bed.. the pink polka-dot\seersucker quilt is working perfectly. I have gotten so many compliments on it!

And here is a closer picture at my pink and green pillow and monogrammed green sheets. Oh and Miss. Raggedy Ann :)!

My desk, which at the time looked a bit messy.

I had to bring the preppy bibles along!

Our food area! (Notice the cute Jackie O magnets)

My teeny weeny closet!

Extra storage space.. (I'm the left side)

Our curtains and lovely Edward Cullen!

Hope y'all enjoy the look inside my room! Have a great Thursday!
xx, M