Monday, March 8, 2010

Beauuuutiful welcome home

Happy Monday y'all!

I am "home"/back to school! Back to the bussle of homework, sorority activities, and friends. Although I was sad to leave my parents and the comfort of my own bedroom and bathroom, I am so happy to be back. It kind of takes being away to make you realize how much you love something. My first day back started off wonderfully because it is sunny and warm here today! It was the first day in monnnthes that I woke up and actually did not feel super tired and wanted to get up. It is absolutely gorg here today, sunny and almost 60! I traded in my North Face fleece for my favorite Lilly sweatshirt instead! Brought out the topsiders and sunnies too! With only 5 more weekends of school (can you BEELIEVE that?!) I'm ready to capture the moments I love soo dearly and enjoy being with my friends! Oh what a beautiful day :)
Hope y'all are having good Mondays!
xx, M


  1. Wow - only five more weekends! We have more but the semester is flying by!

  2. wow you get done early! we still have 9 weeks left! Enjoy your week back!