Friday, April 30, 2010

Soooo college!

Hi y'all!
I am sitting here in my EMPTY room waiting for my parents to get here. I cannot believe that my freshman year of college is over! It is sooo crazy! It has been such a great year and I have met so many great friends and had many many many funny and good memories. I will definitely miss all of my Dayton besties and seeing them 95037 times a day. But on that sad note, it is officially SUMMER!!!! No more loads of homework, tests, finals, papers or projects! Yayayaa!

What I learned from my freshman year (in a very brief nutshell)..
1) Jungle juice is lethal! Chugging it at a frat party is the farthest thing from a good idea, I learned that the bad way!
2) Keeping up with all of the homework definitely pays off in the end. It also is VERY beneficial to go talk to your professors, as scary as they may be, they do care and will remember you came to talk to them.
3) St.Patrick's Day is the best day of year.
4) Make an effort to get to know all of the people in your classes so you have a study buddy!
5) Enjoy your weekends and have fun! We deserve it!
6) Joining a sorority really does make your college experience even better. I am so glad that I rushed and love being part of ZTA and having a whole new family of sisters!
7) Most important thing - Realize that you will change. It is inevitable and part of being in college. I feel like I grew up soo much this year and although I changed/matured, I am definitely still my Lilly loving,girly self and am so glad I have learned everything I did this year.

Can't wait to get home! More later, wishing y'all good luck on your finals and end of the year festivities!
xx, M


  1. You guys get out so early (which I knew from other people)! You're super lucky to be done! I have less than 3 weeks which will be fine and will fly by! I've changed yet I'm still the same! Have a safe trip home!

  2. 堅決的信心,能使平凡的人,成就不平凡的事。......................................................

  3. Just found your blog through mFw, it's too cute!! I am also just finishing up my freshman year this week and could not agree more...bring on summer!

    Also- yes, chugging junlge juice..not a good idea. Didn't realize that until probably too late, and now I have battle wounds and Jungle juice stained clothes to prove it! It's ok though, live and learn right?

  4. I'm starting my freshman year of college this fall, and I'm so excited! Thanks for the tips!

  5. This brings back a FLOOD of memories!!! Enjoy enjoy enjoy summertime!!!! And, CHEERS, you finished your first year. Yaya! Xoxo-BLC