Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas Christmas Christmas!

Oh my goodness, I cannot wait until Christmas break! Absolutely CANNOT wait! I am so looking forward to being home, seeing all of my friends and family and most importantly not doing any school work! It's going to be so wonderful. One more week to go. Finals week though, so it's going to be pretty challenging. I can make it though! I still cannot decide what to get my mom for Christmas, any ideas? What are y'all getting your parents?
I'll keep you posted with how finals go!
Enjoy your break y'all :)
xx, M


  1. good luck with finals! i decided i'm going to make my mom a photo album book with all of our old christmas cards in them! i'm thinking it will be easier and less expensive and much more thoughtful than an item of clothing! :-)

  2. Good luck with finals! I'm so glad I came across your blog! I just bought my mom a pashmina if that helps you at all. I'm big on scarfs so I figured I'd pass them along as gifts this year! (And they are inexpensive!)

  3. First of all good luck with finals! :) Why is it that parents can be so hard? Mama is a perfume feign. She also has said she wants a makeup gift card and lesson at a shop in town because she thinks her makeup needs to be more suited for her age. :) I think she's gorgeous! And I'll get Daddy something bird-dog related, but they always love when I get recent (good) family photos enlarged and framed. They loove that.

  4. Good luck with finals! Very cute blog!

    ps...I got my mom a Denver Broncos sweatshirt and ticket to see a Mary Poppins lay here in LA...she's a diverse lady haha!

  5. Good Luck with finals, you are almost done!!! :)