Thursday, December 17, 2009


Oh my gosh, I absolutely cannot wait to get home! I am so terribly sick of studying and taking tests. I think I studied more than I have slept! One more tomorrow, Physics.. which I haven't even studied for yet! But then in the afternoon I fly home! Oh goodness.. I cannot wait!
Talk to y'all once I get home!
xx, M
PS: Thank you so much for all the good luck wishes!


  1. I get to go home tomorrow too! I have a fabulous Christmas break!

  2. You will be so so so happy when you're done! YAYYYYY for ending finals!! Finish strong, you'll be FAB!

  3. your blog is just as wonderful as i remember! I used to write on "Pearls Curls and a Southern Girl" but had to delete it due to hacking issues! I remembered your blog & am so glad i found it again!