Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Handsome boys and Harry Potter

Hello everyone!

I hope y'all are having a nice week. Sorry about my slowness with posting, I have been pretty busy.

Yesterday, I had my court date for that accident I had gotten into a few weeks ago. I channelled my inner Elle Woods and found the perfect courthouse appropriate outfit. I wore my darling new VV skirt, a white sweater set, my pearls, and my patent Tory Burch's. The court date was successful ( I did not have to say a word!) and I got my license back within ten minutes. It was kind of silly to go all the way there, but it ended happily. My parents and I then lunched at Maggiano's to celebrate afterward, which was delicious. My mom and I shopped around for a bit and then headed home.

After giving myself an impromptu manicure and pedicure, I took a quick power nap and got ready for the big night ahead... seeing Harry Potter!! I myself, am not a huge huge fan but do really enjoy all of the movies. I have seen them all but never read any of the books. My girlfriends are all Harry crazed too, so we went to the midnight showing. The movie was absolutely wonderful! Y'all should go see it! It was really good, and I'm saying that from someone who never has read the books and gets easily confused in movies. We went to the biggest movie theater in town and it took us 45 minutes (!!!) to get out of the parking lot. It was a driving nightmare. I was happy to finally get home to my bed at nearly 4AM. Thank goodness I didn't have to work today!

Then today, I went out to lunch with my mom and to the bookstore. I just finished Chasing Harry Winston, quite a good beach read, and was looking for another good read. Collegiate C had suggested a book called Gossip of the Starlings, you may have seen it in People, so I picked that up. On my way to the check-out, I saw the most handsome boy! Y'all may have just died! He had a comb-over, a navy RL polo, tan chino shorts, and Topsiders on! He was quite possibly the best dressed boy I have seen all summer! It was by far, the highlight of my day!!

Here are a few pictures from our Harry adventure....

Collegiate C and I!

Collegiate C,Devvy and I in our homemade "I love Ron" t-shirts!

Have a lovely Thursday,
xoxo M


  1. congrats on getting everything taken care of in court! ya'lls tshirts are adorable!

  2. Speaking of handsome, well-dressed boys, I was in the Hamptons this weekend and saw a boy just like that! Although, he had a great pair of Nantucket Reds, navy RL polo, aviators and sperrys. I was walking across the street with my mom and almost walked right into a big group of people because I was so busy staring at him!!