Thursday, July 9, 2009

Busy busy busy

Oh goodness girls, sorry I have been so out of the loop these past days. I have been busy working and running around town.
Since I am going to be a freshmen at Dayton in the fall, I am busy preparing. I am getting quite anxious! I recently found out who my roommate was and she seems to be perfect. She is from Ohio and seems really nice. And guess what? She loves PINK AND GREEN and her favorite place to shop is J.Crew! It is a match made in roommate heaven! I am so relieved that I seemed to have gotten a really good roomie. We have decided on a pink and green color scheme so I'm sure our room will look quite darling and preppy. Have y'all had good roommates and college experiences?
Have a lovely night,
xoxo M

PS: I will be back with a longer post tomorrow, promise!


  1. aw thats great that you and your roommate have so much in common! i'm going into my sophomore year this fall so if you have any questions, let me know!! are you living in a freshman dorm? if so, they are definitely a fun experience. you meet so many new people. my roommate and i would leave our door open a lot of the time so we always had our hallmates poppin in and out. are you going to go through Sorority recruitment?

  2. That is great news! You will meet so many fun new people!