Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lifes a changing

Hello again,

I hope y'all are having wonderful Wednesdays. I went to breakfast this morning with a few friends from high school which was lovely. Both of the girls are going to state schools in the area and are leaving in just one week for college! It really got me thinking about college and how I only have TWO more weeks left! I cannot believe the summer flew by so quickly. I am definitely starting to get a bit anxious yet very very excited. I know college will be a life changing wonderful experience and that life is really just beginning. It definitely is a bit scary though!

I have pretty much everything for my dorm room. Did I tell y'all that my roomie and I are having no other than a pink and green color scheme! I'm sure it will look darling. I cannot wait to see everything set up. Thank you Summer Wind for your wonderful hints about what to buy for college. They were all very helpful!

After careful contemplation, I have decided to just get a backpack for class. My dorm is up on top of a hill so not very centrally located. I was set on getting either a new Vera tote (the new prints are divine) or a LL Bean tote but have decided to do otherwise since I will have to carry my laptop, books and other necessary items up and down the hill and to class everyday. I am going for the classic LL Bean book bag in navy with my monogram. It will be sturdy and efficient and serve as a perfect carryall. Do you college girls use totes or backpacks?

Oh and I forgot to tell y'all where I will be this weekend! My friends and I are going to Lollapalooza! I am so terribly excited. For anyone who does not know what Lollapalooza is, it is a big concert held in Grant Park here in Chicago with about 100 or so bands. There are different stages and you can just walk around and go to the various shows. It is a 3 day event and the girls and I will be going all 3 days. Since we don't live in the city, we are staying at my aunt's second home in the city that overlooks the park. I am just so excited! It will be my first big concert and I will be able to see many of my favorites. My favorite band, Vampire Weekend (total dreamboats!) will be there as will Fleet Foxes another one of my favorites.

I won't be posting over the weekend but will try to maybe do a quick post tomorrow after work. Oh yes and I was thinking about doing a question and answer post next week to answer a few questions, do y'all have anymore questions you would like me to answer? I hope y'all have a fantastic rest of the week!

xx, M

PS: Prissy Southern Prep, may I have an invite to your blog? And congratulation BLC, what an exciting time for you!


  1. I use a tote bag most of the time for school. The only time I back pack it, is when it's raining...fits much better under an umbrella! : )

  2. Ahh that's so exciting that you're two weeks away! Freshman year is such an exciting're going to LOVE school! That's awesome that you and your roomie have a pink and green color two freshman year roomies (who were BFFs before) told me that the theme of our room would be in black and brown. Needless to say I still walked in with my pink green and navy things, and I moved out after xmas break!

  3. I have a lime green monogrammed LL Bean bookbag from high school & also a North Face bookbag that I used when not using totes. It just depends on which classes I'm taking & how much stuff I have to bring. You're going to have a blast decorating your room :] Definitely post pictures!

  4. I'm leaving two weeks from today as well! I ordered a similar backpack from L.L. Bean, but mine is a bit larger. MWF, I have classes nonstop from 12-4, so I'm going to be carrying lots of things! I'm looking forward to sharing college experiences with you!!!!

    I would love to know your makeup routine or what your closet looks like! I was going to do a post on my own, but its looking a bit bare lately since everything is being packed up! Have an awesome weekend, I'm so jealous!!

  5. Your weekend sounds awesome, I love Vampire Weekend, my bf just recently introduced me to them!! I think that backpack is great! I use a tote (well, several different ones) and I love using one, but a backpack works just as well! I can't wait to hear all about your time as a freshman.. I'm only going to be a sophmore, but being a freshman is SO much fun! I can't wait to live through it again through you!

  6. Of course doll!! Send me your email, pretty please!

    Love the back pack!!!