Monday, August 10, 2009


Hello hello,
I had an absolutely WONDERFUL time at Lollapaloooza this weekend! It was by far the best weekend of summer. The weather was less then delightful in true Chicago fashion, but we made it through and had a great time.

We arrived in the city around 1030AM on Friday and headed over to my aunt's condo which looks over Grant Park(where Lolla was held) and got ready to head over. At that time it was just really muggy so I was in my melon cigarette pants,navy crew neck,and pullover cable knit sweater and my topsiders. Much to our dismay it started to rain the minute we got to the park. The cold and rain didn't stop for six hours!!!! My poor poor topsiders are very very muddy and may not be able to be saved. The rain and mud just demolished everyone's feet. I honestly didn't think I could get as dirty and icky as I did over the weekend! My friends and I didn't get back until 12AM on Friday and were pooped! My favorite shows on Friday were Kings of Leon and Andrew Bird, both really good.

Saturday was the start of the heat. I wore shorts this time and my gingham shirt and my older pair of J.Crew grosgrain flip flops. It was so terribly humid out that my hair quickly turned into a very very curly mess. The two best shows were Delta Spirit (y'all should check them out!) and Santigold. I absolutely loved them both! They were very fun shows full of dancing.

Sunday was by far the hottest day. It was almost 100 outside and super humid out. I was super excited though because it was the day Vampire Weekend was playing! As y'all know they are my absolute favorites! They were GREAT and every bit as good as I expected. The band was all dressed in perfectly preppy outfits, each in a different RL oxford. My friends and I fell in love with them the minute they stepped on stage. It was a wonderful show as were The Killers.

By the end of the weekend, I was pooped and a bit fried by being in the sun for two days. It was the best weekend of summer and a great thing to do with my besties before we all leave for college. I loved every minute of it and enjoyed seeing so many great bands and intersting people.

I thought it would be fun to make y'all a playlist of a few of my favorites from the weekend. Enjoy!

People C'Mon:Delta Spirit
Starstruck: Santigold
Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa: Vampire Weekend
Kate: Ben Folds
Rockin' the Suburbs: Santigold
Hang me up to dry: Cold War Kids
Summertime Clothes: Animal Collective
Mansard Roof: Vampire Weekend
Roxanne: The Knux
Myknos: Fleet Foxes
Textbook Love: Fleet Foxes
17: Kings of Leon
Jenny: The Killers

Have a lovely night!
xx, M


  1. Sounds like you had a great time...I LOVE Santigold!

  2. I am glad you had a good time! I sent you an invite ;) Let me know if it didn't come through.

  3. That sound awesome! Your outfits sound adorable, but it's too bad about you topsiders- I would try leaving them out in the sun for a while! I LOVE Kings of Leon and will definitly listen to Vampire Weekend, thanks for the suggestion!