Tuesday, August 18, 2009

One Last Batch

Hi girls!
I just wanted to post real quick before I leave town for Ohio! I still cannot believe I am going to be blogging from college just a week from now! I talked to my roommate yesterday and she seems just lovely. So nice! She already moved her stuff in so she told me all about our room. It seems like our room will work out and we should be able to fit everything. I am pretty much done packing all of my stuff. You don't realize how much stuff you have until you have to pack it all up. How did you college girls fit it all? We are borrowing a bigger car and using one of the overhead containers so it should all fit. Keep your fingers crossed y'all!

I went out with my girlfriends tonight to say goodbye. It was quite bittersweet. Even though I know we all have so much ahead of us it still is sad to say goodbye to friends. Since I was a little bit sad I decided to bake for the last time before I go. My dorm only has a kitchenette the floor shares so I won't be baking until Thanksgiving. I decided to bake my speciality cupcakes and a batch of brownies. Both came out wonderfully and made me feel much better! Baking really does calm nerves.

AND girls, guess what? I got all of my finished monogrammed dorm stuff yesterday! It all looks DIVINE!! I really really like it! It came out even better than I imagined. I can't wait to put it all out in my dorm and use my new towels when I take a shower.

Well that's all for now, I will be back to you hopefully after move-in on Saturday! Have a great week!

xx, M


  1. So exciting! Ohio! Your apron is darling! Good luck with your move!

  2. Love the towels, I have the same ones just without the monogram! :(

  3. Packing for college is so exciting! One thing that really helps save space for me is those vacuum bags. They are so helpful, and can really reduce the amount of space your clothes take up in a car or in a suitcase!

  4. I LOVE your monogrammed towels they are so cute! Good luck with packing and getting all of your stuff together...that's always the hardest part for me!