Monday, August 24, 2009

First few days

Hey y'all!
Sorry I have totally neglected y'all for the past few days. I have been SO busy! My family and I left with our car super packed on Thursday for Dayton and all arrived in one piece. We had all of Friday to walk around campus and see more of the town which was nice and made me less nervous about things. We also went out to dinner with my roomie and her family which was great. Saturday was move-in day and a total whirlwind. We left our hotel around 645AM and were busy practically all day and night. Even though it took quite a while to unpack everything our room looks darling. Sunday we had mass and then I went out to lunch with my parents and said goodbye. It was hard saying goodbye but I know that I'll talk to them all of the time. Sunday was a lot of ice breakers (don't you just hate those after a while?). I met a few other girls which was nice.It is kind of awkward though but I'm sure that will all change once we all get used to everything. Classes start Wednesday so I'm sure I'll meet more people then. I will try to do a dorm room picture soon!

Hope y'all had great weekends!
xx, Melissa


  1. How exciting, back to school! Hang in there, you will be meeting so many fun people! Good luck with your first classes tomorrow!

  2. Good luck! It's soo awkward at first,but tomorrow, I will have been here a week, and it gets so much better! Good Luck with classes tomorrow!