Thursday, September 3, 2009

A look inside of my dorm!

Hi girls!

I finally found time today to blog! My next class is not for a few hours, so I have time to catch up with y'all. So sorry for the long blogging hiatus!

Last week was the first week of classes and a total whirlwind. Most of my teachers seem nice and the homework hasn't been too terribly overwhelming so far. It is so much reading though, none of which is very interesting! How did you college girls get through all of it? Any suggestions?

I really like college so far! It is definitely a lot different then high school but in a good way. Everyone here is so very polite and all of the boys are very nice. I have spotted a ton of boys wearing Topsiders and many pairs of the J.Crew critter flip flops and Vineyard Vines flip flops. Lots of cute outfits too. And guess what? I found another Lilly lover! The girl across the hall loves Lilly too! So we of coarse bonded instantly. I also found another girl who likes VV! Clothes is an instant bond in my book.

So without further a do here is what my dorm room looks like...I'm sure y'all just cannot wait to see it!

Here is my bed.. the pink polka-dot\seersucker quilt is working perfectly. I have gotten so many compliments on it!

And here is a closer picture at my pink and green pillow and monogrammed green sheets. Oh and Miss. Raggedy Ann :)!

My desk, which at the time looked a bit messy.

I had to bring the preppy bibles along!

Our food area! (Notice the cute Jackie O magnets)

My teeny weeny closet!

Extra storage space.. (I'm the left side)

Our curtains and lovely Edward Cullen!

Hope y'all enjoy the look inside my room! Have a great Thursday!
xx, M