Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Hey y'all!
I hope you are having lovely Wednesdays so far. It is officially fall here in Ohio! It is quite chilly out, only 50! I am so glad I have my North Face and my new rain coat to keep me nice and toasty. The start of fall has seemed to catch everyone here by surprise since just last week we were all wearing shorts and sandals! It sure is a crazy weather pattern. I got two new pairs of jeans this weekend, so I am all set with my pants. I cannot wait to get all of my favorite J.Crew corduroys when I go home for fall break (in just one week!) and all of my favorite heavier cardigans. I basically live in cardigans, dark jeans\corduroys and Tory Burch flats or Topsiders during the fall. Oh and I have a new way to style my Topsiders! I simply pair them with a pair of colored footie\socks. It looks really cute and keeps your feet a little warmer. The socks must obviously go with the rest of your outfit, I usually wear pink or navy ones, and they really make your outfit.

I am definitely lusting after the new navy,suede Revas. They are so darn cute! For anyone who is yet to own pair, you are missing out! They are quite comfortable and add a little something to your outfits on those days where you need a little something. The price tag is a little pricey, but I am telling you they are well worth it. Try looking on the TB website too, I found my suede pair last year on sale for only $115. And of coarse constantly check your local Nordstrom or department store. My only complaint was that they were not super comfy in the beginning, but like any other pair of flats, they get broken in quickly. They really are a fantastic buy.

Happy last day of September!
xx, M

PS: I missed Gossip Girl this week (awful, I know)! How was it?

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  1. I love teh suede, I just live in wet wet winter climate, so I might have tohold out for spring! So glad it is fall in Ohio too! I love this time of year!!