Saturday, September 19, 2009

College student must-haves (University of Dayton edition!)

Hey y'all!
Happy Saturday! I am so happy it is finally the weekend! I stayed in last night and just relaxed after a very busy and tiring week. My roommate and my friend Emma and I watched Final Destination 3 and just as one of the characters was about to be killed, the fire alarm went off! It was so scary! I instantly jumped up and was so frightened! Scary movies are not my thing that's for sure. Today I don't have too much going on, I am going to work on my Religion readings and go work out. Then tonight we are going out! Yay!

So back to the post. Since I live on top of a mighty hill and spend a lot of my time walking to class, I play a game along the way. I call it the trend game. I pick a trend (think LL Bean totes) and count how many I see along the way. In high school, I would play it with my friends all of the time and we would count the UGGs, which were literally everywhere! So I thought that I would share with you some of the big trends I have seen\counted on campus..
We'll start off with our collegiate store of choice, J.Crew...

The perfect, summer cardigan that looks great with everything.

Critter flip flops, a college student's most comfortable shoe option!

The perfect option for those hot days when you want to look cute and comfortable.

On to the collegiate carryalls..

The ever stylish Vineyard Vines tote!

Longchamp in navy, pink, or black.

The classic LL Bean backpack (which has worked great so far!)


Jack Rodgers

Vineyard Vine flip flops

Sperry Topsiders, a favorite of both boys and girls around campus.

Vera Bradley, a must-have!

Enjoy your day!
xx, M


  1. I totally agree with the trends! There are sooooo many Vera Bradley wristlets here! I bought one for myself and it works perfectly! There are also tons of Sperrys, so many I don't think I could count! I went out last night and tonight I am staying in to do homework. Enjoy your night out!!!!!!!!!

  2. When I visited Dayton all I saw was Vera. I don' remember ever seeing a longchamp. Guess the girls changed! Cute idea for a post!

  3. I go to the University of Dayton too, and I totally agree with this post! I swear EVERYONE (including myself!) is in love with Sperrys here!