Friday, June 19, 2009

Rain,rain go away!

I had quite the day today. While driving to work in a absolutely terrible thunderstorm I had car trouble. It was quite scary and not a very good start to my day. I am still a little shaken about it but at least it finally stopped raining (it had been raining for 12 hours!) and I am okay.
On a way happier note, I stopped by the Lilly website last night and found some adorable things. The prints this season are just lovely! I also browsed the Tory Burch website and found some really cute things too. Can you say graduation money!? I think I'm going to pick one special thing and spend some of the money I get on that item. Which do you like the best?

So cute and can be both dressed up or down.

Isn't it just divine? I just love the pink and green floral pattern.

Cute and modest.

So perfect for summer and spring!

The must-have tote for class?

Happy weekend,
PS: If you are in need of new TB Revas they have an older version of the patent leather ones on sale!

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