Saturday, June 20, 2009

Bow ties,boat shoes and boys

Hello hello!
I hope you each had a wonderful Saturday. It was beautiful here today, nice and warm. There is one item that I think no boy should live without- a bow tie. In my opinion, a boy who can wear and pull off a bow tie is quite a dreamboat. There is something very catching about someone who has that subtle yet unique preppy style. I love love love when boys add anything preppy to their wardrobes like boat shoes or a classic RL oxford but I must say bow ties are my favorite. They leave me swooning every time! The boys at my high school definitely lack in the area of style. Many of them live in sweat pants.. which I will never understand or just wear boring sweatshirts and jeans. If only they could understand how much better they will feel if they added a little something to their outfits. I think people in college dress a lot better. Actually I know that. When I visited Dayton, I saw a ton of boys sporting boat shoes and oxfords. A definite plus in my book! Here are a few of my favorite bow ties for those special boys in our lives..

A simple,nautical print from Vineyard Vines.

The witty whale print is always a good look.

Bowties+Lilly? What could be better!?

A fruity and fun print from Southern Proper.

Have a wonderful Father's Day :)

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  1. I have been looking for some fun bowties for husband, thank you for sharing these great finds!