Thursday, June 25, 2009

A few of my favorite.... magazines!

Yesterday while at the drugstore I got a perfect idea for a post.. a post all about one of my favorite pastimes, reading magazines! I love reading in general, but reading magazines is something I always enjoy doing when I need to relax and not think. I must admit that I am a total sucker for juicy celebrity gossip. I subscribe to and look forward to reading it every week. US Weekly seems to be the best.. well if there is a best, for Hollywood gossip. I also really enjoy Elle and Vogue. The September issues are by far the best but I love spending a night in just devouring them for hours and hours and dreaming about owning some of the fabolous frocks. When on vacation I love to read InStyle. I think it is one of the only fashion magazines that is perfect for everyone. It can be read by someone like us, a busy mom, or even a grandmother. It is not too fashion-ey and has a lot of really good finds and hints. I also really like Lucky. It has some really darling finds and always has some really good deals on the last few pages. And last but not least, Glamour. I think this actually must be my favorite. It is always has really cute editorials. I am anxious when my montly Glamour arrives and I can sit and read it cover to cover. They have the perfect amount of celeb news, fashion, and real life stories.
What magazines do y'all like to read?

Ps: I am currently on my new laptop and loving it!

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  1. I like Glamour too. I also love ones like Southern Living and Martha Stewart Living.