Wednesday, June 24, 2009

College Belle as of late...

 Hey girls,
   So sorry I haven't posted in a few days my computer has been acting up. The screen is constantly turning on and off which is quite a nuisance and makes going on the computer a hassle. Anyone know why this could be happening? I assume I need to get a new monitor. I am currently on our other computer which will be my key to the blogging world just for now. 
   The past few days have been quite nice. On Sunday, we celebrated Father's Day at my aunt's house with my family which was very nice. My mother and I went to the wonderful woman's house who is monogramming my towels and sheets. She has a lot of experience with monogramming and seems to know just how to do it. I think she is one of the only adults I know that loves monogramming as much as I do! I will definitely post all of the items for y'all to see! 
    Today my mom and I went to Old Orchard, an outdoor mall, which was as shopping always is, lovely. I was in need of a few new undies and bras so we went to Victoria Secret which is usually a little too much for me but had a ton of the simple bras for only $20! I got four of them for really cheap which was a good deal. We then headed to J.Crew for a few things and of coarse ended up with a little more. They were having a pretty good sale and had all of their polos for only $14.99! I bought two of those, a few simple crewnecks (always a good thing to stock up on) and a pair of chinos for under $100! We had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory which was yummy. The reason for our shopping trip was to buy a pink ogreen dress for my pink and green themed graduation party on Sunday. I was planning on ordering a Lilly but by the time I picked the one I wanted I realized it would not be here in time. J.Crew only had a few dresses but were all too beachy. We looked at Bloomie's only to see that they carried the Jubilee collection which was a little out of our budget. My mom is a huge fan of Ann Taylor so we peaked in and guess what.. found the perfect dress! It is a fuchsia pink with a cute eyelet pattern and is just darling. That too was on sale! Ann Taylor Loft also had these darling shorts that were very Lilly like. I also spotted a pink and green Dooney and Burke bag that I thought was surprisingly quite cute.  It was a good shopping day for sure!
                                          Here are a few pictures from the day
Aren't they very Lilly? And only $40!

Dooney&Burke has officially gone preppy! 
Isn't it just adorable? It will be just perfect for my party!
                                                     Have a lovely night!


  1. The shorts are adorable!! I love Ann Taylor! And yes, I too think D&B has become preppy again, I'm so glad!