Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Summer television

I have completely been sucked into bad summer television. Since the weather was terribly cool the pool that I work at was closed so I was home the whole week. I spent my days watching a ton of bad television and watching a few of my really old DVD's. I had a huge phase of Jessica Simpson and absolutely loved her so I watched a whole season of the Newlyweds which made me love her again. I think she is really cute and very normal. I then watched The Breakfast Club which I fell in love with again. There is something very very real about that movie and is quite true to how high school can be and is for many people. The movie was actually filmed at a high school in my town!
Then last night I hate to say I TIVOed the Real Housewives of New Jersey. It's so terribly enticing and always on television so I watched the finale where the one housewife blows up and nearly throws a table across the room. It was quite eventful. The one summer show I will never turn my back on is So You Think You Can Dance. It's soo good and full of really talented dancers. My friends and I watch it together every week and even went to the concert this past fall. My newest show is NYC Prep which seems like it will be pretty good. I myself am a huge Gossip Girl fan and love everything Blair Waldorf and Upper East Side. The kids (well I'm not sure if they are considered kids they are soo adult like!) the.. youngsters seem to be very similar to the GG characters. The blonde girl who seems to have a crush on PC reminds of Serena and PC tries to be like Chuck Bass. I think he seems like a bit of a tool but maybe he will redeem himself. Oh goodness, the joys of no school and bad tv!

They were so cute, I still wish they hadn't broken up!

Such a classic!

A real guilty pleasure.

They even posed them like Gossip Girl!

Hope y'all had a nice day :),

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