Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A day of shopping

Hello hello!
As I posted yesterday my mom and I were going on a shopping adventure today. We were on the search for the perfect quilt and other dorm necessities. It's never too early to start looking especially since stuff was already a bit picked over. We hit a definite pink and green jackpot! I found a DARLING sorbet pink polka-dot quilt at TJ Maxx and an adorable pink and green polka-dot pillow to match. The quilt is exactly what I was looking for and even is reversible with a cute seersucker print on one side. I also got some really cute Vera like thank you cards, since you can never have too many of those. They'll be perfect for my thank yous after my graduation party. We then moved on to Lohmann's to check out their Lilly dresses which was a complete and utter disappointment. They had absolutely NO Lilly anywhere. Last time I went there they had a whole heavenly section of Lilly shifts but not today. And guess what they replaced it with? Dolce and Gabbana (ickky!) ! Absolutely awful switch on their part! We then went to Home Goods and got some really cute purple polka-dot towels, a cute pink and green striped trash can,and my light green sheets. And we found an adorable Vineyard Vines like towel at the bottom of a towel bin, which was quite exciting.
Since I am a huge fan of everything monogrammed it is no surprise that I wanted a few things monogrammed for college. My mom has a friend who has a secret obsession with monogramming as well and offered to do all of my monogramming for absolutely no charge! How absolutely wonderful,right? I'm soo excited! I'm going to have her do the towels, my pillow cases, and a few cardigans. Tomorrow we're bringing it to her so I will definitely let y'all know how everything turns out. Here are a few of my finds....

Very Vineyard Vines like and perfect for the beach!

My new quilt! It's lovely, isnt it?

The matching pillow and garbage can!

Have a wonderful night and a lovely Wednesday :)